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Cover Your Piggies

Communities in Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania (CISEasternPA) is constantly committed to removing barriers to students’ success, no matter the cause. One issue that often goes unnoticed and unsolved is a seemingly simple one: access to well-fitting shoes. Over the last few months, CISEasternPA received emails from teachers and staff at Paxinosa Elementary School, noting that students didn’t have sneakers, wore shoes that were too small, or wore shoes with holes in the sole. A new pair of clean, comfortable sneakers can change a student’s entire outlook on going to school.

Community School Coordinator Jeanine Stanilious used a generous $1,500 grant from Phantoms Charities to serve 75 students who needed new sneakers. This donation was the first that Paxinosa Elementary School has ever received, making it possible to meet this highly important need for students. CIS accommodated every Paxinosa student that needed a new pair of shoes!

"Phantoms Charities is thrilled to support many impactful local nonprofits like Communities In Schools,” says Jennifer Keeble, executive director of Phantoms Charities. “Providing new shoes for the most under-resourced children is one of the ways we are proud to make a difference in our community. CIS is a critical partner in connecting these necessary resources with those who need it most."

One first-grade student from a family of four received new, sparkly sneakers through the Cover Your Piggies initiative. Jeanine saw her light up as soon as she put them on; she smiled from ear to ear. Another pair of siblings at Paxinosa had not been allowed to participate in gym class for the entire year because they didn’t have sneakers. Jeanine brought them to the new sneaker closet, where they could pick out pairs of sneakers that fit them. The older brother, a 5th grader, helped his sister try shoes on before looking at any for himself.

CISEasternPA is proud to have helped these students at Paxinosa Elementary School, and we extend our gratitude to Phantoms Charities for making it possible. This type of support can be life-changing for young students and make a huge difference in their experiences at school.



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