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Jeffrey Espinola’s Communities in Schools Journey

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Jeffrey Espinola originally learned about Communities in Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania (CISEPA) when he was in middle school, and from that point, the organization held a special place in his life. Through that experience, he learned he wanted to help people in his future career, and he learned this from Craig, his CIS site professional at Trexler Middle School, in the early 2000s. He still uses skills he learned from Craig in his daily life today.

Jeffrey was acting out in school because of turmoil in his home life, but this didn’t deter Craig from lending a helping hand. Craig understood and listened to Jeffrey and built a relationship with him during a very vulnerable time. He learned the importance of understanding his emotions and how they contributed to his everyday decisions. He eventually was able to manage his emotions and get back on the right track.

Today, Jeffrey is a CISEPA site professional. He is proud to provide these life-changing interventions for 37,000+ students in Northampton, Lehigh, and Berks counties. There are many more children who need a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult. Relationships are at the foundation of CISEPA’s mission. As a Community School Coordinator, Jeffrey forms relationships with students and families and helps them break down barriers to their success, just like Craig did for him 20 years ago. From basic needs resources to physical and mental health support, Jeffrey works alongside students daily, ensuring they feel supported.

Your support means everything to CISEPA students. Please consider donating today at this link. You can make a difference for a student just like Jeffrey today.



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