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Board Member Highlight - Karianne Gelinas 

Stepping into her newest role as Board Chair for Communities in Schools of Eastern PA, Karianne Gelinas has the experience and passion to help lead the agency to new heights. She is the vice president of regional partnerships and talent strategies at Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. A board member since the spring of 2020, Karianne embodies the CIS mission and continues to devote her time and energy to supporting students' journey to success. 

Karianne first learned about CIS of Eastern PA in 2015 while she managed an adult literacy program in Allentown. In this role, she worked with CIS of Eastern PA’s diploma program. This program was instrumental in helping adults learn English, achieve their GEDs, and prepare for the workforce. Through this experience, she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of CIS of Eastern PA’s support on students. 

When asked why she chose to get involved with our organization, she said, “CIS of Eastern PA is an organization that fills the gaps so students have what they need to thrive in school and build successful futures. Every child deserves this.” 

Karianne provides guidance to the entire organization as board chair. She listens to staff expertise, seeks the perspective of board members, and centers decision-making on research, data, and best practices. Through all her responsibilities, she keeps one main theme in mind: doing what’s best for the kids that CIS of Eastern PA serves. 

In her time with CIS of Eastern PA, Karianne has witnessed and contributed to the organization’s impressive growth and expansion. She is especially proud that CIS continues to reach more children across Eastern Pennsylvania with its transformative support services. 

In her free time, Karianne enjoys exploring new places. 



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