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Communities in Schools Scholarship Recipient: Jenny Yu

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At this year's Building Bright Futures graduation, Jenny Yu of Easton Area High School was one of three recipients of the Chandler Barnes Scholarship. Communities In Schools Eastern Pennsylvania (CIS of Eastern PA) presents this $1,500 award to a graduating senior who plans to attend an accredited college, university, business school, trade school, or training program. With this award, Jenny will attend Penn State Lehigh Valley in the fall, studying Business Management at Smeal College of Business.

CIS of Eastern PA works to ensure that every child has access to the “Five Basics” outlined by founder Bill Millikin. Jenny was first connected with CIS of Eastern PA after struggling with her mental health. A peer noticed Jenny was exhibiting feelings of depression, so they filled out an anonymous report through Safe2Say on the school district website. Through collaboration with the guidance department at the school, Jenny was able to meet CIS Eastern PA social worker Annette Romero. Jenny developed a trusting relationship during individual meetings. The meetings allowed her to understand her feelings and get back on track.

Jenny shared that during her time with CIS of Eastern PA, she developed another basic – marketable skills to use upon graduation. Throughout her time with CIS of Eastern PA, Jenny strengthened her communication, project management, and delegation skills, all of which were observed by her teachers and mentors. Her growth was most evident in her final Honors Chemistry project, which studied “The Chemical Reaction Behind Depression.” Jenny’s teacher, Mrs. Rachel Peters, specifically acknowledged her impressive study routines and consistent participation. “Chemistry is difficult, but Jenny tackled the curriculum,” said Peters. “She is an outstanding citizen and student.”

Throughout her time at EAHS, Jenny was involved in a variety of different clubs and organizations. She was an active member of the Anime Club and Asian Culture Club all four years and joined the Japanese Club in her junior year. Additionally, Jenny participated in the orchestra during her sophomore year and continues to play violin in her free time. As a member of National Honor Society, Jenny spent her time after school volunteering at Forks Elementary School. “I am amazed how she still manages to have all that energy and a high GPA… There is nothing this young lady cannot do,” said Communities in Schools Social Worker Annette Romero. “She is destined for greatness.”

On top of managing her school work and balancing her many extracurriculars, Jenny always made time to help out her family, working part-time as a waitress. She looks forward to learning more about organizational leadership to help her follow her dreams of someday opening a business of her own. Communities in Schools’ mission is to provide students, like Jenny, with a supportive community, empowering them to realize dreams like these.



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