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Donor Spotlight: Bob and Sandy Lovett

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

At Communities In Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania, we’re dedicated to surrounding students with a community of support and empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. But it’s not always easy -- thousands of students across the Lehigh Valley struggle with overwhelming roadblocks to academic and personal success. From learning disabilities and bullying, homelessness, and lack of supplies, we help students overcome challenges and graduate from high school.

That’s why support from donors like Dr. John Robert Lovett (Bob) and his wife, Sandy, is invaluable to Communities In Schools of Eastern PA. He and Sandy believe the greatest need for youth in Allentown is the opportunity to succeed in school and earn a valuable education. Since 2020, the couple has dedicated their time, talent, and treasure to our organization. Bob previously served as a CIS board member for several years and remains one of our most trusted advisors.

In addition to Communities In Schools of Eastern PA, Bob is hailed as a hands-on leader for many of the Lehigh Valley’s child-focused community organizations, including serving as founding chair and lifetime trustee of the Da Vinci Science Center; chair of the Baum School of Art; board member of Community Bike Works, the Early Childhood Coalition and the Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown. He is also a member of the executive committee for Building 21.

“Communities In Schools of Eastern PA provides a hub of caring adults who provide students with the aid and additional resources they need to have their basic needs met along with an opportunity to advance in school,” reflected Bob. ”Sandy and I appreciate that Communities In Schools assists not only students but also their families by connecting them with resources that can help.”

Bob and Sandy's lifetime donation to Communities In Schools of Eastern PA totals more than $275,000. The couple has served as funding partners of Mosser Elementary School, where CIS provides its evidence-based Integrated Student Support (ISS) services. Thanks to the Lovetts’ generosity, our site coordinators establish supports to address unique student challenges, such as chronic absenteeism or low reading proficiency within Mosser Elementary.

“Our philanthropy with Communities In Schools of Eastern PA helps students reach their goals. Our contributions are aimed at championing educational opportunities, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). One of the best ways for students to thrive in the world we live in is to become literate in science and technology,” said Bob. “Allentown School District’s Mosser Elementary’s needs are similar to those of other elementary schools in the region, but East Allentown area schools and nonprofits are often overlooked. We are determined to ensure this community’s students have the same opportunities as those in other elementary schools.”

"Remarkable in so many ways, Bob and Sandy Lovett use their philanthropy as a tool to invest in kids, advance education, and transform communities, said Tim Mulligan, President and CEO of CIS of Eastern PA. “As a board member, donor and advisor, Bob pushed CIS to stay true to our mission and aspire to excellence. For this, I will always be grateful."

The Lovetts’ financial gifts ensure Communities In Schools of Eastern PA can organize programs and services such as food, housing, and healthcare in one central place for Mosser Elementary’s students and families, while also providing enhanced academic experiences for students and engagement opportunities for parents.

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