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Reset & Recharge

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

It’s no secret that stress changes us. From physical ailments like headaches to irritability and behavioral changes, stress impacts the body in unfortunate ways. Communities In Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania’s Courtney Stunz, site coordinator at Wilson Area High School, recognized that stress can impact a student’s ability to learn and felt they would benefit from a self-care space to decompress.

In summer 2021, Communities In Schools of Eastern PA and school staff converted a Wilson classroom into a “Reset Room” complete with furniture and calming decor for students. When students experience negative emotions or social distress, they can remove themselves from the situation and calm down in the designated space.

“Students needed a safe area to practice coping skills when feeling out of control,” said Stunz. “The Reset Room will be a valuable tool to keep students in the building rather than becoming truant or at risk for absenteeism.”

Wilson Area High School leaders allocated funds to purchase the materials. Since the first day of school, students have reported positive experiences after taking advantage of their new resources.

“Social-emotional learning improves the school climate, increases student motivation, and reduces the potential for behavioral issues. We are committed to helping schools promote healthy emotional regulation, especially through designated safe spaces,” said Migdalia Garcia, Associate Director of Operations, Communities In Schools of Eastern PA.



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