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Communities in Schools Alumni Spotlight: Chasity Rios

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Chasity Rios is a successful assistant teacher, after-school activities coordinator, mother, and Communities in Schools of Eastern PA alumni. We aim to help our students define success for themselves and set them up with the tools to build a fulfilling life after education.

Chastity’s journey with CIS began with a referral from her guidance counselor at Dieruff High School. She worked one-on-one with the school’s site coordinator, who is responsible for creating a student’s support network. Site coordinators work closely with school staff, families, service agencies, and local organizations to ensure that students have everything necessary for success at their disposal.

When picking a favorite CIS memory, Chasity said, “it's so hard to choose just one. My CIS mentors made each and every day memorable, then and now!” Beyond the tangible work, like providing students with hygiene products, healthcare resources, and summer programs, CIS site professionals also work hard on simple, personal interactions. Building trusting relationships and giving discouraged students a shoulder to lean on can be life-changing.

Chasity says if she could talk to her high school self today, she would tell her to “stay focused on everything academic! Be the best you can be. There’s time for everything else after school is completed.”

After high school, Chasity went straight into the workforce so that she could prioritize being a new mom, too. She has learned a lot in her experience of being a new parent, working in the “real world,” and figuring out adulthood. She always tells herself, “you’ll never have time for anything, you just make it.”

Chasity is extremely grateful for the time she got to spend with CIS. Her mentors helped her throughout high school, and even today, they continue to reach out and offer help when needed. They make her feel like family.

CIS is always thrilled to hear success stories from their past students, just like Chasity. Our work is worth it if we can make a small difference in their success. We constantly develop and grow our model to help more students like Chasity. We invite you to be a part of our mission and support our work in schools.



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