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At Communities In Schools, We Choose Hope

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

America watched in shock on Wednesday at an attempt to overturn our vote and overrun our democracy. It wasn’t just any building that was invaded and desecrated. It was the United States Capitol.

A violent mob laid siege to this landmark that uniquely symbolizes our “Government for the people and by the people.” The US Capitol uniquely represents the stability of our democratic principles, our common values, and the peaceful transfer of power. Suddenly, what seemed impossible became possible in a moment of fury.

At Communities In Schools, we stand in solidarity with students and families in eastern Pennsylvania and throughout the United States during these dark times filled with division, violence and anger. We stand for care and compassion, respect for one another, and healing all of the barriers that separate us.

At the core of our CIS mission is the notion that we are many “communities” who live and work together for the good of our children. It is our common pursuit of life, liberty and happiness that creates the conditions for a future full of hope for our children. Violence and division have no place in a just society where children can thrive in school and achieve in life. At CIS, we will choose to surround our children with love and support, building bridges of trust and mending divisions.

These events of January 6, 2021 will live forever in our memories as a national trauma that deeply affected us. They also raise questions about equity and justice. As we watched a perplexing response from law enforcement to this angry mob, we have been left imagining what that response would have looked like if the mob were people of color? CIS will continue to work for justice and equity for our children and families, and to work on behalf of all those who are grappling with fear and uncertainty emanating from our nation’s Capitol.

We have reason to hope. Our democratic systems have withstood other challenges and our history celebrates that America has been and continues to be a resilient people. Our children at CIS teach us through their example about the power to overcome tremendous challenges through hope and a community of support. At CIS, we choose our mission to build a compassionate, just society through educating our youth. At CIS, we choose hope.

Timothy Mulligan

President & CEO, Communities In Schools of Eastern PA



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