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Building Bridges: How CIS Site Coordinators Connect Students with Success

In the Communities In Schools Integrated Student Support model, site coordinators are a key part of the equation for success. CIS of Eastern PA has site coordinators working inside schools throughout the Lehigh Valley, Berks and Chester Counties, acting as a point of contact between students and their support systems. 

Our site coordinators exist as an extension of a school’s counseling department. They work closely with staff and students to increase students’ knowledge of social-emotional learning skills. These in-school practices aim to build up feelings of belonging for students. Our site coordinators build a powerful one-to-one relationship with students, parents and the school community daily.

On a typical day, our site coordinators devote time to making themselves visible within their school community. They want students to see them as a resource and trusted mentor beyond their office space. Most times, our site coordinators are on the move inside classrooms, walking with students, attending parent meetings, and running restorative circles with students and teachers. 

While each site coordinator's caseload varies in size, they try to contact a handful of their students each day. These interactions can be small, such as chatting between classes with students in the hallway. One-on-one, more structured meetings are also common to check in on a student’s goals and general well-being. It’s in these one-to-one meetings that trust develops and progress happens. 

Site coordinators also have the responsibility of fostering and maintaining community partnerships. These relationships help CIS of Eastern PA build engaged support networks for students and secure donations for our organization. These collaborative partnerships give our site coordinators the tools they need to present solutions to our students' challenges. Some schools in our network even have community school coordinators at local colleges and universities who assist them in building these strategic partnerships. 

Ultimately, at CIS of Eastern PA, we believe in the power of relationships to change the lives of our students. Without site coordinators, lasting relationships and change would not be possible. We thank our site coordinators for their commitment to bringing our mission to life every day. Click here to read our mission statement and view our approach to meeting students’ needs. 



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