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Building Community Over Lunch at Wilson Area Intermediate School

students stand around a police officer sitting at a table in a classroom

At CIS of Eastern PA, we see the value of community in building a support system for students. The importance of community reaches beyond the school doors; neighbors, service groups, and local leaders play a key role in how students view their potential. 

Wilson Area Intermediate School has taken a unique approach to community-building, providing students with the opportunity to learn directly from local leaders: the Wilson Borough Police. Through a series of lunch meetings, a select group of students has been able to delve into topics such as community resources and safety while forming a meaningful connection with a trusted adult. 

Thirty-five students, including many case-managed by CIS, attended Wilson’s recent lunch session. Site coordinators recognized the potential for students to benefit from interactions with police officers and recommended the meeting to their students. 

The students have been enthusiastic about these sessions, expressing their love for the opportunity to meet and learn from the Wilson Borough Police. The officers, in turn, have been instrumental in answering various questions about their profession, community building, and interpersonal relationships. These are invaluable lessons that CIS of Eastern PA strives to impart to our students. 

Learn more about our model and how we utilize community to support students here.



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