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CIS of Eastern PA Stands With Our Asian American Community

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

At Communities In Schools of Eastern PA, we believe that every child - and every person - needs and deserves a safe place to learn and grow.

The past weeks have demonstrated that many Asian Americans do not have such a safe place. They have been targeted by racial and discriminatory violence in communities around the nation. CIS stands with the Asian American community. We further call for all leaders and citizens to speak out against all forms of violence, and reject hateful speech and actions when they target people by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or ability.

Our American identity celebrates diversity, enriched by cultures and traditions from around the world joined into the American story. Our history contains many stories up to the present where we failed to safeguard human rights and dignity, and failed to defend our brothers and sisters against intolerance, hate and violence. However, we also have an American story of standing firm against all injustice, racism, discrimination, bigotry and all forms of bias.

At Communities In Schools, we will always stand with our students, their families and our fellow citizens to create communities where every person is valued and loved and safe.

Timothy Mulligan

President & CEO, Communities In Schools of Eastern PA



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