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Communities in Schools Recognizes Site Professionals for Violence Reduction Efforts

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

At the conclusion of every school year, Communities In Schools Eastern Pennsylvania (CISEasternPA) acknowledges the creativity of site professionals from around the agency by distributing awards to highlight their work. The awards are presented at the annual staff appreciation event. This year’s event took place on June 10 at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

The “Make the Dream Work” Award recognizes the joint efforts made by at least two CISEasternPA sites that collaborate with one another on a shared vision centered around learning and development to make a larger impact on the students and schools they serve.

This year’s award recognized site professionals from Harrison Morton Middle School and Sheridan Elementary School. The recipients were Nancy Ruiz, Efuru Eugene, Jereome Neely, & Dominique Conner.

As a team, they collaborated to start a program to increase safety for students and families. Their goal was to decrease fights that were occurring on their block when school was dismissed.

The team partnered with Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley and the Cohesion Network to help make safe streets after school. Members from both organizations actively engaged students after school to create a more positive environment for the students and the surrounding neighborhood.

The school reported a drastic decrease in physical altercations outside of the school. Students also formed connections with the community members that came to support them. In order to attain true community impact, our site professionals are dedicated to both be involved in the local community, and solicit local community support to establish school change. Congratulations to our site professionals for their collaboration and creativity!



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