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Exploring STEM: Lincoln Leadership Academy Students Dive into Innovation at Olympus Corporation

In a dynamic blend of education and exploration,16 CIS of Eastern PA students from Lincoln Leadership Academy recently embarked on an unforgettable journey into the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The stage for this immersive experience? Olympus Corporation of the Americas, a beacon of innovation nestled in our community.

As the students arrived, they were blown away by the architecture and landscaping of the sprawling campus in Center Valley, Pa. Inside, they were welcomed with a breakfast buffet hosted by Olympus employees Liz Hanzl and Adrian Marsh. Adrian has been a valued member of the CIS Eastern PA board since 2022 and is passionate about creating these unique experiences for the students that CIS of Eastern PA serves.

The day unfolded with a series of hands-on STEM activities carefully curated to ignite curiosity and spark inspiration. Dividing into groups, the students eagerly rotated through engaging stations, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of STEM and how Olympus is working to help improve people’s health all over the world.

From manipulating endoscopy equipment to capture intricate images of their own eyes to navigating a simulated esophagus with precision, the students were fully immersed in the challenges presented to them. A highlight of the day came with a collaboration between Olympus and the Da Vinci Science Center, where the students worked with Cyndi, a synthetic cadaver, conducting a mock upper GI procedure and exploring the intricacies of human anatomy.

But the STEM Day wasn’t merely about exploration — it was also about real-world career learning. Olympus opened its doors to showcase various departments throughout the company, including a fascinating presentation on social media, illustrating how the company leverages platforms like Instagram Reels for marketing purposes. Inspired by this, the students dove into their own creative projects, crafting marketing commercials with newfound expertise.

Throughout the day, Olympus ensured the students were well-fed, treating them not only to a sprawling breakfast buffet but a hearty lunch and snacks while working inside their medical learning center. As a token of remembrance, each student received an Olympus swag bag and blankets.

Yet, this isn’t the first collaboration between Olympus Corporation of the Americas and

Communities In Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania. Over our 15-year partnership, we have joined forces on various initiatives. From hosting a public speaking contest that awarded scholarships to nurturing sustainability projects with students in the Allentown School District, Olympus has consistently championed educational endeavors. Additionally, initiatives like the Pentors program, a female pen pal initiative, have further solidified their commitment to empowering and uplifting our students. In October 2023, Olympus graciously hosted the CIS of Eastern PA 40th anniversary celebration.

Indeed, the STEM Day was a testament to the enduring partnership between Olympus

Corporation of the Americas and CIS Eastern PA — a partnership that creates real-life learning opportunities for students that may not be possible otherwise. Thank you to Olympus for continuing to Build Bright Futures for our students!



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