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Providing Extra Support

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Communities In Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania is proud to serve 37,000 students throughout 40schools in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County. Our staff works hard to help students overcome barriers to academic and personal success, including providing school supplies and after-school programs.

But many times, building personal relationships is the key to success. At Easton Area School District, four student support specialists connect with students on a 1:1 basis to offer the guidance necessary for them to reach their goals. Each specialist works directly with approximately 60 students throughout the school year

While a few specialists target students’ social-emotional needs, others assist with attendance and academic performance and meet with the children as often as necessary. Some students even visit their support specialist daily. The Communities In Schools office is a safe space where students can pop in and congregate throughout the day.

“A student support specialist provides structure and helps students navigate everyday life. At Easton, our specialists give their all to ensure students are successful in life – not just academics,” said Gina Ambrusico, Program Manager, Easton Area High School. “They provide the tools students need and connect them to resources necessary to be productive and improve their whole well-being.”

Student support specialists are present at many Communities In Schools of Eastern PA locations. From Allentown School District to Bethlehem Area School District and Reading School District, students know they have a friendly face to turn to.

Learn more about how Communities In Schools of Eastern PA assists students here.



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