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Transforming the School Year with New Uniforms and Backpacks

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Students from Sheridan Elementary School received new uniforms and backpacks thanks to the generosity of one of the school’s most committed partners, the owner of Valley Central Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center, Dr. Ronald Hodges.

To support the students at Sheridan Elementary School, Dr. Hodges worked with CIS of Eastern PA School Coordinator, Nancy Ruiz, to secure around $10,000 in new uniforms from Straight A Uniforms. During the school’s annual Back-to-School Event, uniform vouchers were handed out to the over 200 families in attendance, allowing students to acquire a brand new uniform from the school’s uniform bank at the Straight A store on 6th Street, Allentown. In addition to the uniforms, Sheridan Elementary received 600 backpacks appropriately distributed amongst students most in need.

For years Dr. Hodges has invested in the Sheridan Elementary School community, sponsoring 50 families each year and providing students school-wide with holiday gifts, Thanksgiving meals, school supplies, and winter gear. Additionally, inspired by the students at Sheridan, Dr. Hodges launched Youth Strong, an organization focused on helping students get the tools they need to thrive in the classroom. Dr. Ronald Hodges’ continuous support and contributions help remove barriers for students to help them achieve academic success.

“We love Dr. Hodges and Barbee (one of his secretaries), who always coordinates everything. He is one dedicated individual that goes above and beyond to see students succeed,” said Ruiz in response to Dr. Hodges’ incredible generosity and support for Sheridan Elementary students.

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